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Moderation for Instrumental Music

Instrumental Music Moderation


Student outcomes for Instrumental Music Assessment and Reporting are moderated.


Instrumental Music Teachers are now implementing the NEW IM Curriculum. Teachers plan programs and explicit goals around expectations for each student at each level. Assessment for instrumental music addresses these goals for student’s level. Students are assessed according to the goals at their particular IM Level. This assessment is then moderated each semester.


Teachers participate in moderation to develop consistency of teacher judgement, to develop high and consistent expectations of students at each level, and to share expertise on instrument families. The purpose of moderation for Instrumental Music is to develop consistency of teacher judgement, and to develop shared understandings of expectations for each instrument at each level. Teachers participate in panels to review other teachers’ work and to share expertise, and also receive feedback about their own assessment samples.

Moderation 2018

Dates for moderation for 2018 are;
Semester 1: Monday, July 16 - Friday, July 27
DUE DATE for semester 1 samples and registration is Friday, June 29
Semester 2: Monday, December 3 - Friday, December 7
DUE DATE for semester 2 samples and registration is Friday, November 9
Please note: we are no longer printng labels or sending out documents on a USB.  Teachers should now have a Music Resource Centre USB. You are welcome to pop in to MRC and get one if you missed out or you can use any USB you like.
You will need to clear the USB of all previous documents and use the updated documents on the right of this page for your submission.

Semester ONE Requirements - NEW SYLLABUS

The requirements for Semester One are:
Teachers are to record VIDEO SAMPLES with:
ONE scale and ONE piece appropriate to the level/s submitted.
Samples must be able to be played in Windows Media Player or VLC.
NB: Windows Movie Maker files are not always able to be played on other  CFT laptops. 
All files must be printed and sent in with the USB, and include copies of the music. Please observe the checklist below and use the files in the submission documents link to the right of this page.
PRIMARY IM teachers -
Sample 1: The highest NEW Curriculum Level PRIMARY student at highest achievement level for the task
Sample 2: The highest NEW Curriculum Level PRIMARY student at lowest achievement level for the task
Note: Teachers who are only working in a primary setting will only submit these two samples to demonstrate their engagement with the New curriculum. If Level 1 is the only NEW curriciulum level you are engaging with in 2018, that will be the level of your samples.
SECONDARY IM teachers (without QCE elligible students)
Sample 3: The highest OLD OR NEW Curriculum Level SECONDARY student at highest achievement level for the task
Sample 4: The highest OLD OR NEW Curriculum Level SECONDARY student at lowest achievement level for the task
Note: Teachers who are not using NEW curriculum yet in their Secondary schools can  submit their highest OLD curriculum level for their secondary students. 
SECONDARY IM teachers with QCE eligible students
Teachers with students eligible for QCE points (level 7-10 in year 11 & 12)
will need to submit QCE eligible student  as the secondary samples with their NEW Curriciulum Level and level of achievement.

Completed Sample packages should include:


1.  USB with VIDEO samples clearly named; 

2.  A completed Submission Form Cover Page (Use this as your checklist); 

3.  A Task Sheet for each of the samples (Own design or the template provided);

4.  A Marked Criteria Sheet (Using the included criteria sheet) for all samples;

5.  Copies of the music for all pieces (Not required for scales).



Moderation and privacy


All documents are to be labelled with your teacher ID number for ease of identification.  You can use labels from previous years or simply WRITE the number on the documentation.  As all samples are moderated anonymously, please do not place your name, the school name or any other identifying elements anywhere in your submission - INCLUDING THE ENVELOPE.

Semester 2 Specific requirements will follow after this round of moderation is complete.